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Model 76640A-5L

7ft GSR Cable with Electrodes


This GSR Assembly has been designed for maximum efficiency and serviceability. It consists of the following components: GSR Cable, GSR snap-on finger plates, and disposable GSR sensors (electrodes).


On one end a plug connects the GSR Cable to the GSR channel. The opposite end of the GSR Cable is bifurcated into two cable branches both ending with a snap connector. The two snap connectors snap to the two finger plates, which are then placed on the subject's index and ring fingers of the right hand during a polygraph examination. The finger plates are made of stainless steel and are fitted with Velcro tape. No other company in the world manufactures stainless steel electrodes with snaps.


The two snap connectors of the GSR Assembly also snap to disposable GSR electrodes. The electrodes are pre-gelled, hypoallergenic and latex free. The electrodes are easy to use - simply peel off strip and place on fingers. These electrodes are less susceptible to movement artifacts and lower resistance between subject and electrode giving more accurate signals. The electrodes are normally placed on the palm of the right hand. If required, they can be placed on foot bottoms or armpits.



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